Young Tunisian Coders Academy (‎YTCA‬) Summer Camp

The Young Tunisian Coders Academy (YTCA) Summer Camp takes place August 1-5.  The young coders share their experiences with us through their daily “Postcards from Kelibia.”

Young Tunisian Coders Academy (‎YTCA‬) Summer Camp Day 2

We got off to an early start with an introductory session on Scratch for Arduino and Blocklyduino. We learned about robotics and made our first attempts at making motors work and LEDs light up The absolute highlight of the day was our was our afternoon astronomy session. The Tunisian Astronomy Society (SAT) brought along their inflatable planetarium to show us how to read the stars.On Wednesday, we’ll start our team robotics projects. To say we are excited would be an understatement!

Young Tunisian Coders Academy (YTCA) Summer Camp Day 1  

The YTCA Summer Camp in Kelibia got off to a successful start on Monday with 30 participants from all over Tunisia and their 11 mentors/trainers. After an icebreaking session to help us get to know each other, we had a session on community service – the main theme of this year’s YTCA Summer Camp.  We talked about the problems our society faces and how we can use technology to solve them.  Our brainstorming generated some great ideas! Then it was time to make tech magic happen with an introductory session to Scratch. Thirty kids, 30 computers, and plenty of creative thinking, playing and coding!   What could be more magical than that?