Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the IRC

The 4th workshop, entitled “Inspiration in Social Entrepreneurship” happened in the IRC, continuing the series of monthly events on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The workshop (organized by the IRC in cooperation with El Space) attracted students mainly from Tunis Business School and ESPRIT who came on December 21st longing for inspiration. The main speaker, Saif Eddine Bouktir (who works much in the framework of Mercy Corps with the MicroMentor team on adapting the MicroMentor platform to the Tunisian context) gave a TED-style presentation on various factors of inspiration in the entrepreneurial world (e.g. taking risks and stories). He also engaged the audience on what inspires them most. When a young female entrepreneur shared a story of how she got inspired once, the audience were moved and one of them reacted saying “You see, this inspires me!” Half an hour after the workshop was dedicated to networking, but it happened spontaneously as well before the event started.