Women Entrepreneurs Forum

USAID and Tunisia JOBS organized the “Women Entrepreneurs’ Forum” on Wednes- day, March 6, 2019. The Forum celebrated In- ternational Women’s Rights Day, with the Min- ister of Vocational Training and Employment, His Excellency the United States Ambassador to Tunisia, the USAID Mission Director, and the Tunisia JOBS Chief of Party in attendance.

The event provided an opportunity to bring to- gether women entrepreneurs supported by the Tunisia JOBS and “Mashrou3i” projects as well as the governmental and non-governmental institutions supporting the Tunisian entrepre- neurial ecosystem. Women entrepreneurs from diverse regions presented their stories and out- lined the numerous obstacles they have had to overcome. 

Through the event, USAID and Tunisia JOBS sought to better define the risk factors and driv- ers of success for women-owned businesses in Tunisia. In turn, these lessons learned will help USAID and Tunisia JOBS better support women empowerment and more effectively re- spond to the need for inclusive, sustainable job creation throughout Tunisia.