Virtual Exchange Program Opportunity for University Students

In Fall 2018, the American Center will offer Soliya’s Connect Program Compact for up to 12 eligible and qualified university students to participate in online video dialogue sessions with other students from around the world, including Americans. During these sessions, you will explore key identity‐related themes and how identity impacts the way you engage with others.  You will connect those themes to both your personal contexts and the context of communication in the digital world, and you will practice constructive communication.

The Connect Program Compact is an online cross-cultural education program that provides young adults with a unique opportunity to explore these four themes:

  • Identity & Communication
  • Communication in the Digital World
  • Constructive Communication and how to get there
  • Topics of global and social importance, chosen by you with your group

The program will occur during the month of November and will include:

  • One introductory and/or debriefing meeting at the U.S. Embassy
  • Online orientation
  • Four video dialogue sessions at the U.S. Embassy (2 hours each)
  • Weekly challenges to prepare for the sessions
  • Writing a reflection paper
  • Weekly journal entries
  • A post-program evaluation

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Tunisian University student
  • Availability for approximately 5 sessions/meetings at the U.S. Embassy, as well as additional exercises and writing assignments outside of the meetings/sessions
  • Enthusiasm and commitment to engage in the full program
  • English communication skills

Applications must be submitted online at by October 15, 2018.