USAID Promotes Environment Friendly Businesses: Cement Tiles Success Story

Mariem Ben Abid founded Suddart in 2016. Her company produces environmentally friendly cement tiles for home decoration. Tiles are handmade, one at a time and filled with mineral color pigments and intricate patterns. They are produced in an environmentally friendly process, emphasizing recycling and low waste.

This 100% women-operated company strives to develop a sense of community, providing wages above industry averages, as well as profit sharing opportunities. Unused tiles are also donated to local schools and other public areas.

After two years in extensive R&D, the company went into production in 2018.  In 2019, the Government of Tunisia awarded the company with the National Youth Prize in Handicrafts and Arts for its promotion of Tunisian handicrafts and ancestral Tunisian “know-how”.

Last month USAID JOBS and Suddart signed a partnership to enhance the company designs and meet the demand of new local and foreign markets. USAID JOBS is also assisting the company to enhance its e-commerce and web capabilities to support 3D technology and product customization options. This partnership will create 16 new jobs and increase awareness of Tunisian high-quality products internationally.