USAID “Find Jobs” Project in Jendouba

Photo of a group of women
The students receive certificates of training “to find work is the work itself,” within the 4C Program, University of Jendouba.

Assisting the youth of Tunisia to find jobs is an ongoing mission of the USAID Business Reform and Competitiveness project. In addition to the job fairs it has been sponsoring, the USAID project is working closely with Centers for Career Development (CDC) at targeted universities throughout the country. Most recently, the team visited Jendouba University, where it saw first-hand the results of its efforts. Under the CDC program, over 500 students have already completed the course “Finding a Job is a Job” on how to attain gainful employment. Other trainings the Center is offering include self-knowledge, business knowledge, French language, and social media. The CDC program was recently combined with the World Bank-funded Competence Certification Centers by the Ministry of Higher Education and renamed “4C”. Working with other partners, USAID hopes to add an additional five 4C centers to the nine centers currently operating in country.