United States Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) Lottery 2020

United States Diversity Immigrant Visa

(DV) Lottery 2020


The Government of the United States of America has announced that 50,000 permanent resident visas will be issued through a lottery system during fiscal year 2020.  Tunisians, as well as citizens of other eligible countries, are strongly encouraged to participate in this program.

All candidates must meet one of two requirements:

  • have a baccalauréat diploma or an officially equivalent degree, or
  • have held a position for a minimum of two years during the last five years in a profession certified by the United States Department of Labor as requiring considerable preparation.

Each candidate may make a SINGLE electronic application between Wednesday, October 3, 2018 and Tuesday, November 06, 2018 on the web site www.dvlottery.state.gov.  An electronic photograph is also required for the application.

Before participating in the 2020 DV Lottery, candidates are strongly urged to review the rules and requirements of the program available on the web site usvisas.state.gov/dv/instructions

In order to avoid congestion of the site, applicants are urged to apply early.

The United States Department of State warns participants to be wary of businesses or individuals who claim to represent the United States government and who offer guaranteed results in exchange for fees.  The lottery process is managed solely by the Department of State and the lottery winners are randomly selected.  No individual or business is in a position to improve or guarantee chances of success in the process.