U.S. National Teacher of the Year Jahana Hayes Visit To Tunisia


Ms. Jahana Hayes, U.S. 2016 National Teacher of the year and a special guest of the Embassy attended the 4th Tunisian Association of Teachers of English (TATE) International Conference.  She delivered, at its opening ceremony, a keynote address “Elevating the Teaching Profession.”  Ambassador Rubinstein was present and delivered welcome remarks, acknowledging the key role teachers play in shaping students’ lives, in the presence of the Minister of Education Neji Jalloul and Secretary of State of Higher Education Khalil Amiri who delivered remarks as well.

Ms. Jahana Hayes also conducted a two hour presentation/talk  at both Institutes of Languages in Nabeul and Beja about the process of electing the teacher of the year. She also insisted on the community work she does with her students after the school and during the weekend. Her presence was appreciated by all the attendees who expressed that she made them very motivated and inspired to work more and go beyond their duties as teachers and students. She also met with a group of English teachers and teacher trainers at CREFOCS Nabeul and Beja and discussed educational related topics and provided ideas to improve the teacher-student relationship.

She‎ spoke to Radio Tunisienne Chaine Internationale  (RTCI) in the English program with Hayet Toukebri. Ms. Hayes explained why she was chosen the U.S.2016 National Teacher of the Year and insisted of the important role of the teacher emphasizing on the human side.