Tips for a Smooth Visit

Arrive for your appointment on time, and bring a printed copy of your appointment confirmation sheet when you arrive. Be sure to have all required forms completed before arriving at the consular section.

For Passport Applicants

  • Complete (but don’t sign) your passport application before you arrive.
  • Bring two photos that meet our requirements.

For Notarial Clients

  • If your document requires an oath (e.g., if the document says “swear,” “sworn,” “affirm,” “affirmed,” or “affidavit”), do not sign the document, but make sure that all other blanks are filled in before coming to the Embassy. If your signature must be notarized and witnessed, you must bring witnesses with you.
  • If your document is to be acknowledged (e.g., if the part where the notary is to sign says “acknowledged” or “acknowledges”), complete the entire document and sign it (in front of witnesses, if necessary) before coming to the Embassy.

Security at the Consular Section

All official facilities are mandated to use access control procedures for all visitors and their handbags and packages. No electronic or photographic equipment is permitted in our waiting room or on other Embassy premises.