Welfare and Whereabouts

If requested, the Embassy will attempt to locate Americans who are believed to be in Tunisia and are not in communication with family or friends.

Inquirers should be aware, however, that the Privacy Act prevents disclosure of information unless the subject of the inquiry gives his/her permission. If s/he does not grant permission, the Embassy’s only alternative after the individual has been located is to inform him or her that relatives or others are concerned and ask him or her to communicate directly with them.

Occasionally, welfare-whereabouts requests are made on behalf of minor children by a parent involved in a custody dispute. The Embassy is unable to take sides in a dispute between two U.S. citizen parents with custody rights. The Embassy will, however, attempt to locate children, if requested, and can transmit information to either custodial parent regarding the child’s health and well-being.

We maintain no comprehensive listing of Americans in Tunisia, though many Americans voluntarily register with the Embassy. If you are asking us to attempt to locate an American, our chances of success are greatly enhanced if you can provide his/her full name, date of birth and any recent contact information you may have for him/her in Tunisia.

The Embassy is unable to send, forward or receive mail on behalf of American Citizens.