Medical Assistance

Please note: The Department of State assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the entities or individuals whose names appear on the following lists. Inclusion on this list is in no way an endorsement by the Department or the U.S. government. Names are listed alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance. The information on the list is provided directly by the local service providers; the Department is not in a position to vouch for such information.

Please see below list for medical professionals, medical facilities or air ambulance services.  Professional credentials and areas of expertise are provided directly by the medical professional, medical facility or air ambulance service.


Emergency telephone numbers

Emergency phone number: 190

Ambulance (with doctor and nurse)

S.A.M.U:.Service d’Aide Medicale Urgente 71-331-570 or 71-332-345

10 Rue Abou kacem Chebbi, Montleury

1089, Tunis Chebbi, Tunis

Poison Control

CAMUR: Centre d’Assistance Médicale Urgente et Réanimation 71-249-014

Rue Abou Kacem Chebbi,

1089, Tunis Chebbi, Tunis.


Emergency Medical Facilities

Military Hospital 71-391-133

Place de Tunis

1008 Montfleury

Polyclinic Amen La Marsa 71-749-000

15 avenue de La République

2070 La Marsa


Policlinic Berges du Lac 71-960-000

Rue du Lac Constance

1053 Les Berges du Lac

E-mail :

Polyclinique El Manar 71-885-000

Rue Habib Chatti

2092 Manar II, Tunis

E-mail :

Clinique Internationale HANNIBAL 71-737-400

Cité Les Pins

1053 Les Berges du Lac 2

E-mail :


Private Ambulances

Apollo Ambulances 71-843-434 or 98-358-916

8 rue Apollo XI

1082 C. Mahrajène, Tunis


Allo Docteur-Allo Ambulance 71-780-000 or 71-781-000 or 71-959-000 or 71-959-200

15 rue Ahmed.Amine

1005 Omrane, Tunis

E-mail :

Ambulance Echifa 71-585-999 or 98-243-552 or 71-502-000

2 rue 61572

Immeuble Chams

1068 Cité Rommana, Tunis

E-mail :

Nour Ambulance 20-749-000 or 28-759-000 or 98-335-275

7 rue Saada, Amilcar

1054 Sidi Bou Said


E-mail :

Information on vaccinations and other health precautions, such as safe food and water precautions and insect bite protection, may be obtained from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s hotline for international travelers at 1-877-FYI-TRIP (1-877-394-8747); fax 1-888-CDC-FAXX (1-888-232-3299), or via the CDC’s internet site at


For information about outbreaks of infectious diseases abroad, consult the World Health Organization’s (WHO) website at  Further health information for travelers is available at


Medical Insurance: The Department of State strongly urges Americans to consult with their medical insurance company prior to traveling abroad to confirm whether their policy applies overseas and whether it will cover emergency expenses such as a medical evacuation.  Please see our information on medical insurance overseas at



General Practitioners

Dr. Leila Ennabli Makhlouf 71-875-141 or 22-604-274

Residence Les Jasmins, Bloc G, 4th floor

Rue Habib Chatti (across from clinic El Manar)

2092 El Manar I, Tunis

E-mail :

Dr. Mohamed Enys Chérif 71-980-600 or 98-318-142

2, rue Imam Chafai

2070 La Marsa, Tunis


Dr. Solange Laroussi 71- 254-435 or 71-343-753

58 Avenue de Londres

1001 Tunis République, Tunis

E-mail :


Internal medicine

Dr. Imen KSONTINI- 71749877

09 Bis Avenue Ali Belhouane Marsa Médical, Second floor, C8

La Marsa (Tunis)


Dr. Kais Boussen 71-842-782

5 Avenue Tahar Ben Ammar

2092 Manar II, Tunis



Dr. Anissa Joulak 20-909-090 or 20-121-314

9 bis rue Ali Belahouane

2070 La Marsa, Tunis

E-mail :

Dr. Nabil Marsit 71-882-289

Rue Habib Chatti, Résidence les Jasmins

2092 Manar II, Tunis

E-mail :

Dr. Sami Bouziri 71-749-804 or 71-747-474

1 Bis rue Omar El Khayam

2070 La Marsa



Dr. Mariem Darghouth Hachaichi 71-746-660 or 71-980-929

19 Place 7 Novembre

2070 La Marsa, Tunis

E-mail :

Dr. Néjib Raboudi 70-820-379 or 98-312-948

Avenue de l’Aire Nouvelle

Cité Nasr I

2080 Ariana, Tunis

E-mail :

Dr. Slim Maherzi 71-981-222

1 Rue Saâda

2078 Marsa Ville, Tunis

E-mail :

Dr. Soufia Helioui 71-886-829 or 98-314-661

28 Rue Mosbah Jarbou

2092 El Manar II, Tunis

E-mail :

Dr. Abir Bedoui 73-212-660 or 52-861-884

Immeuble Avicenne

Rue Ibn Jazzar N501 au 5 éme étage

En face de l Hoptital Farhat Hached


E-mail :



Dr. Nabil Hachich 71-889-911

Rue 7151 Résidence les Jasmins

Bloc H , Rez de chaussé , Apt#2

2092 Manar II, Tunis

E-mail :

Dr. Nedra SLITI- 71-747-508

1, Rue de la Mosquee – 1st floor

La Marsa plage  (Tunis)


Dr. Sarah Ben Meriem 71-741-160 or 71-748-749

2 Rue Tahar Ben Achour

2070 La Marsa, Tunis

E-mail :

Dr. Faika Cherif Ben Hmida 71-743-813

Avenue Habib Bourguiba

Centre Phenicia, Bloc A10, 2éme étage

2070 La Marsa

E-mail :


Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. Dorra ZEGHAL- 71-751-392 / 98.218.902

Centre médical Farabi Rue Cheikh mMhamed Zaghouan

El Menzah 6

Ariana (Tunis)


Dr Khaled TERRAS- 70-037-137 / 23-482-499

Hannibal Medical Center

Cité les Pins (in front of Clinique Hannibal)

Les Berges Du Lac 2


Dr. Meriem Abassi 71-870-852

28 Rue M. Jarbou

2092 Manar II, Tunis

E-mail :



Dr. Abdellaziz Annabi 71-829-272

Avenue H. Nouira

Résidence le Palace

2037 Nasr II, Tunis

Dr. Karim Makhlouf 71-842-815 or 71-783-168

Residence Les Jasmins, Bloc G, 2th floor

Rue Habib Chatti (across from clinic El Manar)

2092 El Manar I, Tunis

E-mail :



Dr. Slim KALLALA – 71-749-809 / 54-649-809

5 Rue El Moncef Bey,

La Marsa (Tunis)


Dr. Khalil Errais 71-841-087

83 Avenue Mohamed V

1002 Tunis-Belvédère, Tunis

Dr. Mehdi Bouacha 71-714-318

Centre Médical Les Parc

34 Bis Avebue Mustapha Hjaiej

Nouvelle Ariana


Dr. Raoudha Brahim Talbi 71-887-114

Residence les Jasmins

Batiment B

2092 El Manar I



Dr. Faouzi Charfi 71-240-018 or 71-347-321

23 Avenue de Paris

1001 Tunis République, Tunis

E-mail :

Dr. Hamadi Ben Hamida 71-873-108 or 98-308-070

Immeuble le Campus. #30 A, 5th floor

2092 Manar II, Tunis

E-mail :

Dr. Sami Belhareth 71-727-989 or 98-005-005

1 bis Omar El Khayam

2070 La Marsa

E-Mail :samibelhareth


Physical Therapists

 Dr. Cyrine Maaref 71-744-285 or 98-525-116

65 rue Sâlambo

2070 La Marsa, Tunis

E-mail :

Dr. Adel Ghrib 71-980-895 or 22-519-766 or 27-480-895

Safsaf Medical

27 rue Abdelhafidh El Mekki

Cabinet B4

2070 La Marsa

E-mail :


Ear Nose and Throat:

Dr. Hatem KOOLOI  – 71-749-109

SAFSAF MEDICAL, 27 Rue Abdel Hafid

Mekki Appt # 7 (In front of La Marsa Market)


Dr. Imen Zekri Landolsi 70-730-336 or 98-935-148

5 Avenue Taieb Mhiri

Immeuble Morsi, 4th floor

2080 Ariana, Tunis

E-mail :

Dr. Mohamed Bechir Bey 71-742-678

5 Place 7 Novembre

2078 la Marsa


General Surgery

Dr. Faouzi CHEBBI – 98 330 478

Hopital Mahmoud El Matri/La Clinique Méditerranéenne La Soukra

Soukra (Tunis)


Dr Haykel BEDIOUI – 70830178 / 98348065

Centre MEDICA Enasser 2 (in front of  Clinique ENASR)



Dr. Tahar Khalfallah 71-764-433 or 98-311-230

Hopital Mongi Slim ou Clinique Soukra

E-mail :

Dr. Ahmed Krichen 71-710-356 or 22-104-526

34 Avenue Mustapha Hjaiej

2eme étage, Apt#6

E-mail :



Dr. Mokhtar Hajri 70-860-719 or 70-860-455

Maghreb Medical: 1st floor, Cabinet E1

6 Avenue Abdelziz Aal Saoud

2092 Manar II, Tunis


Dr. Mohsen Ayed 71-267-290

Centre Medical Hannibal

2éme etage, bureau 7

2045 L’Aouina, Tunis




Dr. Omrani, Adel 71-796-131

21 rue Kuwait

1002 Lafayette, Tunis




Dr. Ali Enneifer 71-801-000 or 71-785-591

4 Avenue des Etats-Unis d’Amérique

1002 Tunis Belvédère, Tunis


Dr. Senda Jribi Masmoudi 70-860-680

Centre Dorra App 2, Bloc B

2092 Manar III, Tunis




Dr. Ahmed Ridha Yassine 71-716-339, 71-715-216

24 rue des Mimosas

2080 Nouvelle Ariana


Dr. Hanem Ben Miled 71-741-000 or 71-744-800

19 Bis Avenue de La République

Centre Sabri de Médecine

2078 Marsa Safsaf, Tunis


Dr. Mohamed Ridha Ghariani 71-748-752

12 rue des Cypres

2070 La Marsa, Tunis

(Only mornings till noon)

Dr. Neila Amrouche (Pediatric Dentrist) 71-871-263

21 rue Tahar Ben Ammar Residence Essaada

1er etage, Apt#3

2092 El Manar, Tunis


Dr. Omar Miladi ( Pediatric Dentist) 73-210-980 or 27-190-750

Avenue Mohamed El Karoui, Imm. Jawhara

En Face de la Maternité de l’Hopital Farhat Hached, 3ème Etage


E-mail :



Dr. Alia Bouratbine 71-893-141 or 71-281-605

9 Rue Victor Hugo

2070 La Marsa


Dr. Mohamed Ben Attia 71-729-487

3 rue 20 Mars

2070 La Marsa

Website :

 Medical Resources in Tunisia Updated July 2023