Two-Parent Consent

Passports for Minors: Provide Parental Consent

  1. Both parents will appear together and sign the application form (DS-11) in the presence of a Consular Officer or;
  2. One parent appears and signs and submits the non-appearing parent’s signed, notarized “Form DS-3053 “Statement of Consent” (PDF – 160 KB) which authorizes passport issuance for the child, together with the non-appearing parent’s signed photo identification (copy or original document).
    The non-appearing parent’s signature may be certified by:

    1. a U.S. notary public;
    2. a U.S. consul acting as notary public.
      Note: The written consent from the non-applying parent that accompanies an application for a new passport must be less than 3 months old; or
  3. One parent with sole legal custody, or a third party (in Loco Parentis applying on behalf of a minor under the age of 16) must refer to the State Department webpage entry Provide Parental Consent (Step F) for necessary, mandatory documentation.

Note: If none of the documentation on the website of the State Department concerning Parental Consent (Step F) is applicable, the applying parent must submit Form DS-5525 stating why the non-applying parent/guardian’s consent cannot be obtained.