U.S. Citizen Services

Welcome to U.S. Citizen Services at the United States Embassy in Tunis. This section provides information on specific consular services available to U.S. citizens in Tunisia and Libya. Routine U.S. Citizen Services (birth records, passports, and notarials) are available by appointment only. Please note that the Embassy is closed on Tunisian and American holidays.

Please send an email to TunisACSAppointments@state.gov for a birth record (Consular Report of Birth Abroad), passport, or notarial appointment.

For security reasons, do not bring luggage–including large backpacks–laptop computers, or large cameras. Security guards will hold small tourist cameras and cell phones until your departure, but there is no storage available for luggage, large backpacks, laptop computers, or large cameras—please do not bring them to the Embassy.

Alerts and Messages

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