U.S. Citizen Services

Welcome to the U.S. Citizen Services Unit of the Consular Section at the U.S. Embassy in Tunis!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Beginning July 9, 2023, U.S. Embassy Tunis will begin accepting online fee payments for adult U.S. passport renewal applications. Paying online allows you to drop off your application to the U.S. Embassy Tunis without the need to schedule an appointment. Please see our Passport Renewal webpage to determine if you are eligible for online fee payment.

U.S. citizens residing or traveling abroad who require a U.S. passport are issued the latest state-of-the-art passports that incorporate photo-digitized images and other enhanced security features. These passports are produced at a domestic U.S. passport facility. U.S. citizens are encouraged to apply early for renewal of expiring passports.

Reminder for Dual National U.S. Citizens: U.S. law requires all U.S. citizens, including dual-national citizens, to enter the United States using their U.S. passport. We urge all U.S. citizens to keep their U.S. passports current.

The U.S. Embassy in Tunis provides a variety of emergency and non-emergency services, as well as helpful information, to U.S. citizens visiting or living in Tunisia and Libya.

Please review our website to familiarize yourself with the services we can and cannot offer.  We do not schedule appointments for services that we do not offer, such as consultations about visas or to inquire about federal benefits (i.e. social security).

Effective July 1, 2023, U.S. Embassy Tunis is using a new online appointment self-scheduler for all routine ACS services including passports, CRBAs, and notarials (with the exception of certain DS-82 passport renewals–please click here for more information). To make your appointment, please visit this link and select Tunisia. Please follow this link for more information about scheduling an appointment. Please note that the previous TunisACSAppointments@state.gov email scheduling system is no longer in use and emails to that inbox are not monitored.


Routine U.S. Citizen services are not available after business hours, during the weekend, or on any American or Tunisian national holiday.

If you arrive at the embassy for any non-emergency service without an appointment, you will be asked to return after securing one.  We appreciate your cooperation with this policy, which ensures that services are available and offered in an efficient manner.  Please note that failure to renew a passport in a timely manner prior to your travel is not an emergency service, and that you will need an appointment to apply for a new passport.

Once you have scheduled an appointment, please arrive on time with the necessary documents and form of payment (USD, TND, or credit card).  For security reasons, do not bring any large items (including luggage, large backpacks, laptop computers, or large cameras) to the embassy. The security guards will hold small bags, cameras, and cell phones until your departure.

We, of course, accept emergency cases without an appointment.  In an emergency, please contact the U.S. Embassy via the main switchboard at +216 71-107-000.  In an after-hours emergency, please call +216 71-107-000, press 0 and ask for the duty officer.

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