The Embassy Medical Unit Hosts the Nursing Leadership Forum

September 26, 2019

The forum’s purpose is to promote nursing professionalism, accountability, credentialing and standardization, and to incorporate evidence-based practice, thereby, strengthening nursing practice in Tunisia. Nursing leaders, professors, researchers, and students were invited to discuss the challenges in developing the nursing profession in Tunisia, brainstorm ideas for improvement, learn from one another, and to network as a professional working group.

The first meeting was held in April 2019.  In this meeting, the Medical Attaché discussed US nursing education standards, national competency board exams, continuing medical education and laws governing nursing. The presentation prompted lively dialogue about the desire to improve upon the profession, namely to develop standardization in nursing practice and to create nursing groups that could lobby for changes within the Tunisian health care system.

In the second meeting, the Medical Attaché discussed Lewin’s change model (unfreezing, change, and refreezing) as an easy approach to tackling change. As the Medical Attaché explained, this model can be utilized as an approach in implementing a desired change no matter how big or small. As an example, the nurses looked at using the model to improve handwashing rates. A second presentation, by the Medical Office Manager, provided information on Tunisian healthcare challenges. The next nursing leadership forum will take place in January 2020.