Technovation Challenge 2016: National Pitch Tunisia

Please meet the winning teams of the Technovation National Competition held May 1. The top three teams pass on to the semi-final round of the Technovation International Competition to compete with their counterparts worldwide. Later in May, 10 Technovation teams from more than 50 countries will be selected to participate in the Technovation World Pitch in Silicon Valley in July.

First prize went to Born to Tech for their SKYLLS app which addresses the soft skills gap for unemployed graduates by connecting them to mentors who will help them improve their skills and become more competitive in the job market.

Second prize went to FANLIS for their application My City My Story, which raises awareness of volunteer opportunities. The app encourages users to volunteer by creating and joining humanitarian events in their communities.

Third prize was awarded to the Tech-Knights with their application Let’s Alert, which focuses on providing a way for students to report problems they find in their school and for school faculty members to take action.

Special recognition was given to First Skills and their application Sweet Dreams. Created by the youngest team in the competition, Sweet Dreams is an interactive app that offers animated stories for children to read.