TAPP Project Launches an Online ChatBot to Educate about COVID-19

A group of Tunisian youth from Sfax and Nabeul participating in the Assistance Unit funded Tunisian Accountability and Political Participation (TAPP) project, designed a chatbot application on Facebook Messenger.

The chatbot contains all the general information related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, it provides advice to users, and answers the most frequently asked questions and inquiries related to this pandemic. The chatbot also sends daily news in the form of messages to all participants in this application. This initiative comes as an effort to combat fake news on COVID-19 pandemic through providing timely and accurate information to all Facebook users.

The application is receiving positive feedback from users, with more than 600 registered users within its first operational 24 hours only. You can interact with the chatbot through the following link: https://m.me/CoronaDailyBo