Chargée d’Affaires, a.i. Natasha Franceschi Meets with Minister of Culture Hayet Ketat Guermazi

Chargée d’Affaires Natasha Franceschi met with Minister of Culture Hayet Ketat Guermazi to discuss cooperation on programs focused on supporting the economy and promoting job creation in underserved regions over the next four years through USAID’s $50 million Visit Tunisia project. They also discussed ongoing efforts to preserve Tunisia’s rich cultural heritage through over $830,000 ... Read More»

BRCP collaborating with Shams Technology in Kairouan to hire new recruits

Shams Technology was created in 2013 and manufactures photovoltaic solar panels in the underdeveloped governate of Kairouan. Shams invested in cutting-edge assembly lines, however the company soon realized they were unable to find and recruit a qualified workforce. “Hiring isn’t an easy process,” explained Medji Kilani, CEO of Shams Technology, “It is complicated. As a ... Read More»

BRCP and Leoni company collaborating to hire new recruits

Leoni is a wiring system and cable technology company located in Messaadine, Sousse. Leoni originally approached BRCP for recruitment assistance. “We’re planning to hire around a hundred people with the collaboration of BRCP. We approached BRCP to help us organize recruitment in the regions, in the South, the North, and even here in Sousse,” explained ... Read More»

BRCP helping women in Kasserine to get a job in handicraft production

Lyemna Lassouadi has worked in the handicraft sector for more than twenty years. She is from the underdeveloped Kasserine governorate, an area suffering from high levels of unemployment, especially among women. “First I started working in my house,” said Lyemna, “I made some special things that were unique. So, I had this idea to make ... Read More»

BRCP and 4C at ISET Gabes collaborating to foster employability for students and recent graduates

Abir Mansouri graduated from the Higher Institute of Technology of Gabes (ISET Gabes) in June, 2015 with a major in financial accounting. She is one of many students who have benefited from the 4Cs, created and supported by the Business Reform and Competitiveness Project (BRCP). In partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific ... Read More»

BRCP helping La Badira Hotel training and hiring 43 new employees

Founded in 2015, La Badira is a luxury hotel offering the highest quality of service. As Tunisia’s tourism industry plunged into crisis following the terrorist attacks in 2015, many hotels in the Hammamet region where La Badira is located, closed their doors. La Badira management made the decision to stay open year-round, targeting local customers ... Read More»

BRCP collaborating with Jamotex company in Kasserine to hire skilled workers and improve productivity

Jamotex is a textile company created in 2013 in the underdeveloped region of Kasserine, in West Central Tunisia. “Initially, the idea was mine,” says Mohamed Mnasri, “My wife has a university degree, so we were able to get a loan and we started to work together.” Jamotex worked as a subcontractor for a single apparel ... Read More»

BRCP collaborating with Sicad Coala in Sidi Bouzid to improve productivity and hire new recruits

Founded in 1985 in the governorate of Sidi Bouzid, Sicad Coala manufactures heating, ventilation and air conditioning products. In addition to local markets, the company targets regional export markets in Algeria and Libya, where it faces strong competition. BRCP and Sicad Coala jointly designed a technical collaboration effort to help the company improve productivity while ... Read More»

BRCP working with Handicraft companies in Kasserine to train and hire local women

Limam Hermassi founded his small handicraft company over ten years ago, in the Feriana region in the economically disadvantaged Kasserine governorate. His specialty is Berber carpets, and Mr Hermassi is passionate about his work. “We make artisan products,” he said, “the word ‘art’ is already there. Handmade crafts need patience and love. We should love what ... Read More»

Mashrou3i in Tataouine – Achref of Hasna Petrolum Services

Achref is originally from Tataouine, but moved to Tunis to study Electromechanical Engineering. After graduating in 2009 he worked in the private sector in the capital city. In 2012, he returned to his hometown and began to work on a feasibility study for ‘Hasna Petrolum Services’ with a focus on the treatment of drilling mud ... Read More»

Mashrou3i in Gafsa – Zaineb of CarboTech Industry

One of the beneficiaries of this program, Zaineb Ben Belgacem from Gafsa. In early 2017, at only 24 years old, Zaineb launched her first company in Gafsa. “Carbotech” is an ambitious business specialized in coal design and manufacturing, which already provides employment to ten people, including qualified employees for the administration and workers trained in ... Read More»
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