MEPI Alum of the Month – Dhia Zitouni

MEPI Alum of the Month Dhia Zitouni   We love pets, and so does Dhia. Dhia Zitouni is a 2017 MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders student. This four-year MEPI scholarship allowed Dhia to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration at the American University of Beirut (AUB) where he graduated with distinction and, then, moved to his ... Read More»

MEPI Alum of the Month – Moncef Ben Rejeb 

MEPI Alum of the Month Moncef Ben Rejeb   Inspired by the history of ancient Carthage, Moncef Ben Rejeb, an alum of the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI)’s Leaders for Development Fellowship (LDF), created to help small business and women artisans in rural regions of Tunisia to market their product worldwide. is the ... Read More»

MEPI Alum of the Month: LDF Alumna Fiercely Advocates for Women Empowerment 

Our Second Alumna to be featured on the MEPI Alum of the Month is Amira Marzouk, a Leaders for Democracy Fellow (LDF) and an International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) alumna.  Amira is a former member of Tunisian parliament, and the Pan African Parliament, where she was the only Tunisian woman representative from 2012 to 2014. Amira was also a member of an observation election mission in different African countries, and she served as the Ambassador of the ... Read More»

MEPI Alumnus Organizes a Waste Collection Initiative in the Governorate of Nabeul 

As part of the MEPI Day of Service, MEPI Leadership for Development Fellowship (LDF) alumnus, Anis Mimech, organized a cleaning campaign of Lebna beach in the governorate of Nabeul. Anis and his10 volunteers also carried out an awareness campaign for the visitors of the beach to educate them on the importance of cleaning up after themselves and protecting the environment. This initiative is an effort to strengthen the culture of volunteering, and the spirit of ... Read More»

MEPI Alumna Works for Social and Political Empowerment of Youth

Leaders for Democracy Fellowship (LDF) alumna, Amira Marzouk is no stranger to active civic and political engagement.  Her journey started in 2012, where she was elected as member of  the Pan African Parliament and served as a member of the Human Rights Commission.  Having acquired a rich international background from her law studies, she worked within the investigation committee in Sudan and South Sudan. Amira was the only woman ... Read More»

MEPI Alumnus Mobilizes Civil Society Volunteers and Government Officials to Counter COVID-19

MEPI Leaders for Democracy (LDF) alumnus and Head of District of Sidi Mansour, Ahmed Missaoui, leveraged his leadership skills and network to unite different stakeholders in his district to perform a host of community service projects. Ahmed coordinated with local civil society organizations, municipality staff, and volunteering citizens to procure sterilization equipment and to conduct ... Read More»

MEPI Alumna Produces and Donates 150 3D Printed Face Masks

2018 MEPI Student Leaders alumna, Nadia Assidi, collaborated with a group of young engineers from Kasserine to produce 150 3D printed face masks. With the support from the governor’s office, local citizens, and the local university of Kasserine, Nadia was able to acquire all the necessary equipment and access to 3D printers. Nadia and her ... Read More»

U.S. Congress Representatives Train Tunisian Deputies on COVID-19 Crisis Management 

Within its MEPI funded project to support political parties in Tunisia, the International Republican Institute (IRI) organized in cooperation with the House Democracy Partnership a third virtual exchange between the U.S. Congress and Tunisian Members of Parliament. The session focused on crisis management and the role of legislators in addressing the challenges of COVID-19 in ... Read More»

TAPP Project Launches an Online ChatBot to Educate about COVID-19

A group of Tunisian youth from Sfax and Nabeul participating in the Assistance Unit funded Tunisian Accountability and Political Participation (TAPP) project, designed a chatbot application on Facebook Messenger. The chatbot contains all the general information related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, it provides advice to users, and answers the most frequently asked questions and ... Read More»

MEPI Partner Conducts COVID-19 Crisis Trainings 

The International Republican Institute held three online trainings under its MEPI Strengthening Trust & Accountability in Tunisia program on crisis communication. A group of young activists, representatives of local governments and political parties, as well as public health experts participated in those trainings and learnt how to use proper crisis communication strategies to support the ... Read More»

MEPI Project Dedicates a Newsletter to Inform Citizens about Municipal Safety Measures 

MEPI-funded project devoted its newsletter to benchmark and cover the safety practices that the municipalities of Medenine are adopting in light of the current crisis. The newsletter will serve as an informative tool to keep local citizens updated on new procedures and measures undertaken by their municipalities. It will also enable the citizens to ... Read More»

MEPI Alumnus Raises 75 Donations for COVID-19 in Two Hours 

During the MEPI Day of Service on April 4, Leaders for Democracy alumnus Wajdi Hamza launched Citizen-Gov initiative. Through this initiative, he hosted a Zoom call to advocate for solidarity in the face of a crisis, and to encourage people to give donations to the 1818 fund created by the Ministry of Health. Over 75 ... Read More»

Tunisia: CLDP Led a Workshop on Streamlining Handicrafts Exports

On August 21, the Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP) in the framework of its MEPI-funded project, led a workshop on the different technical aspects of successfully exporting handicrafts for 100 local small and medium enterprises focusing on the production of artisanal products. The exercise included guidance on design for a foreign market, interaction with professional ... Read More»

Ambassador Blome’s Trip to Kebili and Tozeur

On April 16-18, 2019, Ambassador Blome visited Tozeur and Kibili, which he identified as important regions to demonstrate U.S. economic development and diplomacy support.  On the trip, he visited a number of beneficiaries of U.S. assistance, including the Kibili Municipality, a date farm, and a public school.  He also spoke to citizens of the region ... Read More»

Launch of the Tunisian Feed Training Center

The Assistance Unit at the U.S. Embassy in Tunisia awarded to the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) a grant to establish – in partnership with INAT, the Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture, the U.S. Soybean Export Council, and Iowa State University – the Center for Feed Manufacturing in Tunisia.  This training facility will engage nutritionists and feed ... Read More»

Ambassador’s Remarks at the Closing Ceremony of CEED Tunisia

Minister of Finance Ridha Chalghoum, CEED Tunisia president Hichem Elloumi, Wafa, Sonia, Zeineb, Wajdi, and especially the CEED participants and entrepreneurs here today from Gabes, Medenine, Tunis, and Tataouine, good morning. I would like to thank you for being here today.  In just one year, this project has helped 100 entrepreneurs gain knowledge and coaching ... Read More»

Practical Guide to Exporting Tunisian Handicrafts to the United States

Are you an artisan? Are you looking to improve your strategy to export your handicraft products to the US?  This practical guide will provide you the essential tools and principles you need for exporting your handicrafts products. the practical guide to exporting Tunisian handicrafts to the United States is an initiative of the Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP), funded by the U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). ... Read More»

Ambassador’s Remarks at the Handicraft Fair

Minister Rekik, Director General Bin Halima, and representatives of partner organizations:  hello and welcome.  Thank you for inviting me to join you today and to participate in the signing of these three partnership agreements between the ONAT and FHI360, AmCham, and Creative Learning and its local partner, the International Institute for Human Development. Supporting the ... Read More»

Voter Education for the Municipal Elections Started in Mahdia Thanks to the TIDD MEPI Funded Project

In the framework of its Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) funded project, the Tunisian Institute for Democracy and Development (TIDD) conducted its first voter outreach campaign in Mahdia on March 22.  The event gathered volunteers from the governorates of Beja, Kef, Seliana, Jendouba, Bizerte and Mahdia.  The activity took place in the medina of Mahdia ... Read More»

Creative Learning Launched a Three-day Training Workshop of 50 Tunisian Artisans

On March 26, the Export Capacity Building program launched a training for 50 Tunisian artisan entrepreneurs at the headquarters of the National Office of Handicraft (ONAT).  The program is funded by the U.S. Department of State in partnership with Creative Learning, the International Organization for Human Development (IDH), and the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry ... Read More»

We Youth Launched its MEPI Voter Education Campaign in Sfax

Thank you to the WeYouth team for their great work in launching the voter education campaign on March 21 in Sfax.  Through its Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) funded project, We Youth organized a field outreach activity in the Medina of Sfax to raise citizens’ awareness of the importance of participation in the upcoming municipal ... Read More»

Collaborative Action for Handicraft Exports (ACEA) project by FHI 360: Northwest Cluster Meeting

Congratulations to Family Health International (FHI) 360 for completing their first event in the framework of the Collaborative Action for Handicraft Exports (ACEA) project funded by the U.S. Embassy in Tunis. The ACEA Project is promoting a collaborative system for the promotion of handicraft essential oils, dedicated to natural extracts in Northwest Tunisia.  The first ... Read More»

We Youth Press Conference

In partnership with the U.S. Government Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), We Youth organization held a press conference on January 18 in Sfax to launch their We Vote project that aims to train 72 volunteers (two from each municipality) to 1) increase their knowledge about elections and learn how to effectively reach out to citizens ... Read More»

Remarks by Ambassador Rubinstein at MEPI Local Grants Kick-Off Ceremony

Formal Remarks MEPI Local Grants Kick-Off Ceremony October 6, 2017 Good morning everyone, I am delighted to be here to participate in this very special occasion.  I want to take a moment to thank Minister Ben Gharbia Minister for Relations with Constitutional Bodies, Civil Society and Human Rights, our local partners from around the country, ... Read More»

Improve Tourism Etiquette MEPI-funded Project Concluded with 49 Jobseekers Hired

Les Grandes Ecoles de Communication (GEC) held the closing ceremony of the “Improve Tourism Etiquette” MEPI funded project on June 29.  The project aims to improve customer service, communication soft skills, and tourism work etiquette in 100 degree-holding candidates seeking employment from 5 different cities (Tunis, Hammamet, Sousse, Jerba, and Tozeur).  The project also included ... Read More»

MEPI Student Leaders Alumni Met with the Ministry of Youth and Sports Representatives

A group of the 2016 MEPI Student Leaders alumni participated today in a meeting with the Chief of Staff and Directors Generals at the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Following the MEPI Capstone conference organized in Tunis last March 2017, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Ms. Majdouline Cherni, offered her Ministry’s support for the implementation ... Read More»

MEPI Training Session in the Framework of its Project “Enhance the Tourism”

Les Grandes Écoles de Communication (GEC), in partnership with the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), organized a two week training session in the framework of its project “Enhance the Tourism.”  More than 36 job-seekers and professionals from the tourism sector in Sousse attended the trainings in communication, soft skills, and customer services.  We wish all ... Read More»

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Assistance Coordination Richard Albright Visit to WES

In the framework of his visit to Tunisia, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Assistance Coordination Richard Albright visited the Women’s Enterprise for Sustainability program headquarter at the Tunisian Association for Management and Social Stability in Tunis.  The event was an opportunity to meet the WES Business Development Centers directors from Gafsa, Bizerte, Tunis, Kef and Sfax. ... Read More»

Pitching Session on “I Have a Project” Project

Education For Employment (EFE), in partnership with the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), organized a three-day pitching session on March 22-24, in the framework of its project “I Have a Project.” More than 30 talented Tunisian youth presented their project ideas to expert judges. We were very impressed by the excellent quality of many of ... Read More»

Ambassador Daniel Rubinstein’s Remarks at MEPI Student Leaders Regional Conference

Thank you Bedis for the warm welcome and introduction; My thanks as well to the GOT officials who are here, Majdouline Cherni Minister of Youth and Sports, and Saida Ounissi, Secretary of State in charge of Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship And to the facilitators, mentors, university partners and Georgetown for coordinating this event; Good afternoon ... Read More»

Ambassador Rubinstein’s Remarks at Souk At-Tanmia Launch Ceremony

As prepared for delivery  Ambassador Remarks at Souk At-Tanmia Launch Ceremony Good morning everyone, I am delighted to be here to participate in this very special occasion.  I want to take a moment to thank Minister of Employment and Vocational Training Imed Hammami, our partners who participated in this project, and all of you for taking ... Read More»

Ambassador Gives Remarks at EFE Graduation Ceremony

Minister of Employment and Vocational Training, Imed Hammami EFE Tunisia CEO, Lamia Chaffai; Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening. I am very glad to be with you at this ceremony celebrating 172 new graduates; of whom 135 are with us.  As of today, you are starting your professional careers and embracing your hopes for a successful ... Read More»

How Girls Lead to Advance Youth, Peace, Equality

In honor of the International Day Of The Girl, our MEPI Leader for Democracy Fellowship (LDF) participant Henda Maarfi , who is currently in the U.S., took part in the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) live webcast yesterday about How Girls Lead to Advance Youth, Peace, Equality‎. We are proud of Henda for representing Tunisia in the best way possible. We ... Read More»

MEPI Program “Our Neighborhood Our Democracy”

On October 5th, Aimee Breslow, a Democracy & Governance Advisor for the Department of State, met with youth beneficiaries of Our Neighborhood Our Democracy , a program which is funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) and implemented by the Jasmine Foundation.  The meeting was an opportunity for youth beneficiaries from disadvantaged areas in Tunis to share their ... Read More»

Ambassador Rubinstein met with MEPI Student Leaders Returning from the 2016 Alumni Program

Ambassador Rubinstein recently met with MEPI Student Leaders returning from the 2016 Alumni Program. They shared stories and experiences from their 6 week training in the U.S. The participants were full of energy and had many promising ideas to change Tunisia for the better. The U.S. Embassy is committed to supporting young Tunisians working on ... Read More»

MEPI Implementing Partner Empowering Women in Sfax

On July 27th, ‪‎MEPI implementing partner Free Women Association organized a cultural evening as part of its “Woman in Local Governance” project for the beneficiaries of the ‎Sfax region.  This gathering highlighted the importance of active participation by women in governance, with a special focus on the local level.  During the event female beneficiaries, some ... Read More»

Ambassador Rubinstein’s Remarks at Education for Employment Event

On July 21, Ambassador Rubinstein participated in a breakfast discussion organized by Education for Employment Tunisia (EFE) and the National ICT Business Federation in the framework of a project funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) to enable employment-skills training and conduct job placement and business and social entrepreneurship programs. The event focused on the ... Read More»

MEPI Student Leaders candidates are now in the U.S.

Congratulations to the 15 Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Student Leaders candidates who are now in the United States!  The students are attending classes in six of the best universities in America.  Recently they celebrated Eid and shared the beauty of their Tunisian culture with colleagues and friends at their respective campuses.  We wish all ... Read More»

MEPI Awaken Youth Project

As part of the Awaken Youth project, Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) implementing partner, Culture For Citizenship association, organized an awareness campaign in Tunis on June 3.  Entitled “I Am running for elections, yet I have my conditions,” the campaign aimed to encourage youth to become candidates in the upcoming municipal elections by describing the ... Read More»

DAS John Desrocher visited MEPI-funded Women’s Enterprise for Sustainability’s (WES) Center

U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Egypt and Maghreb Affairs John Desrocher visited the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI)-funded Women’s Enterprise for Sustainability’s (WES) Center in Tunis on April 19. The meeting was an opportunity to hear more about the work achieved so far and to speak with the WES graduates from Tunis, Kef ... Read More»

Debate tournament by the International Institute of Debate (IDD) in partnership with MEPI

The International Institute of Debate (IDD), in partnership with the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), organized the first debate tournament on April 17 as part of the MEPI-funded “Tounsi W Nghayer” project. The debate competition brought together 40 students from different high schools and universities in Tunis to brainstorm solutions to some of the country’s ... Read More»

Workplace Success Program Graduation Ceremony

Erin Tariot, Foreign Assistance Coordinator at U.S. Embassy Tunis, gave remarks on the evening of May 20 at a graduation ceremony for participants in the Workplace Success Program, a program administered by the NGO Education for Employment (EFE) with support from the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI).  The Workplace Success Program aims to bridge Tunisia’s ... Read More»

Transforming Tunisians with Disabilities into Civil Society Leaders

Through the Leadership and Empowerment for Action on Disability (LEAD) Initiative, Handicap International in partnership with MEPI and their local partner “Le Collectif Tunisien pour La Promotion des Droits des Personnes en Situation de Handicap,” is training more than 1,000 Tunisian civil society advocates in Tunisia’s 24 governorates. The overarching goal of LEAD is to ... Read More»
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