MEPI Alum of the Month – Dhia Zitouni

MEPI Alum of the Month Dhia Zitouni   We love pets, and so does Dhia. Dhia Zitouni is a 2017 MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders student. This four-year MEPI scholarship allowed Dhia to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration at the American University of Beirut (AUB) where he graduated with distinction and, then, moved to his ... Read More»

MEPI Alum of the Month – Moncef Ben Rejeb 

MEPI Alum of the Month Moncef Ben Rejeb   Inspired by the history of ancient Carthage, Moncef Ben Rejeb, an alum of the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI)’s Leaders for Development Fellowship (LDF), created to help small business and women artisans in rural regions of Tunisia to market their product worldwide. is the ... Read More»

MEPI Alum of the Month – Ihsen Amri

MEPI Alum of the Month – Ihsen Amri Happy New Year from Gabes, Tunisia   While many talented young Tunisians plan to move abroad, Ehsen Amri chose to stay in his hometown in Gabes. Ehsen Amri is a 2014 MEPI Student Leaders Program (SLP) alum and the co-founder of Volonté et Citoyenneté (Will and Citizenship ... Read More»

October Alum of the Month – Wajdi Hamza 

October Alum of the Month – Wajdi Hamza Good governance can only be established by establishing maximum levels of trust in public institutions and government officials; this motto is a central belief of MEPI Leaders for Development (LDF) Alum Wajdi Hamza and the guiding force behind all his initiatives. Wajdi’s participation in the 2018 MEPI LDF ... Read More»

MEPI Alum of the Month – Dhia Daly

MEPI Alum of the Month – Dhia Daly Embodying the ‘Good Pharmacist” approach After graduating from high school with distinction, Dhia enrolled in the Faculty of Pharmacy of Monastir for a six-year degree. He soon realized that to be a “good pharmacist,” he had to do more than just memorize molecules, structures, and side effects, ... Read More»

MEPI Alum of the Month – Allaeddine Rezgui

MEPI Alum of the Month – Allaeddine Rezgui A Passion to Serve the Community In case you are unable to do much after your day job and need inspiration, this month we chose an alum who juggles many responsibilities with great skill and passion.  Allaeddine Rezgui is a jurist, conflict resolution trainer and civil society ... Read More»

February Alum of the Month – Malek Sebri – Student Leaders Program (2018) 

February Alum of the Month – Malek Sebri – Student Leaders Program (2018)  Empowering youth in rural areas is no longer a dream. Sharing Malek Sebri’s story not only inspires future MEPI Student Leaders Program applicants, but it is also a lesson in perseverance for all Tunisian youth. We invite you to dream while reading it. In a recent interview with the MEPI Coordinator, Malek shared “from a young age, I had always been passionate about education. I always wondered how my life would have been different if I had not had the chance ... Read More»

MEPI Alum of the Month: An Ardent Advocate for Youth and Local Development

Our first featured alum in 2022 is Ahmed Missaoui, a social and political activist who participated in the U.S. Embassy’s Leaders for Democracy Fellowship (LDF) and International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP). Ahmed is currently a municipal councilor in Sfax and President of the district of Sidi Mansour.     Ahmed has worked on several youth engagement initiatives, such as the BuildUp Tunisia project, which built the capacity of young entrepreneurs, and the Tunisia Accountability and Political Participation project, which improved young people’s involvement in the Tunisian elections. Both projects were funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). The embassy admires his active participation and involvement ... Read More»

MEPI Alum of the Month: North African Region’s Youth Ambassador for Peace for the African Union 

We’re closing the year with our final MEPI Alumna of the Month, Khouloud Ben Mansour. After participating in the MEPI Student Leaders Program in 2017, Khouloud had the opportunity to take part in several other programs and to participate in trainings and conferences at an international level.    “I believe that the MEPI Student Leaders Program has offered me so many advantages and knowledge in a way that shaped my skills to be ready for the professional world,” Khouloud told ... Read More»

MEPI Alum of the Month: Young Social Entrepreneur Promoting Socioeconomic Development and Environmental Sustainability  

Our featured MEPI Alum of the Month of November is Leyth ben Jeddou, 2019 Student Leaders Program alum. Leyth is a 23-year-old entrepreneur who continuously demonstrates passion, commitment, and creativity in his various endeavors. He launched his career by working in strategic marketing for three years before successfully co-founding three start-ups, two of which are social start-ups. Leyth’s experience throughout the MEPI Student Leaders program allowed him to acquire the ... Read More»

MEPI Alum of the Month: LDF Alumna Fiercely Advocates for Women Empowerment 

Our Second Alumna to be featured on the MEPI Alum of the Month is Amira Marzouk, a Leaders for Democracy Fellow (LDF) and an International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) alumna.  Amira is a former member of Tunisian parliament, and the Pan African Parliament, where she was the only Tunisian woman representative from 2012 to 2014. Amira was also a member of an observation election mission in different African countries, and she served as the Ambassador of the ... Read More»

MEPI Alumnus Organizes a Waste Collection Initiative in the Governorate of Nabeul 

As part of the MEPI Day of Service, MEPI Leadership for Development Fellowship (LDF) alumnus, Anis Mimech, organized a cleaning campaign of Lebna beach in the governorate of Nabeul. Anis and his10 volunteers also carried out an awareness campaign for the visitors of the beach to educate them on the importance of cleaning up after themselves and protecting the environment. This initiative is an effort to strengthen the culture of volunteering, and the spirit of ... Read More»

MEPI Alumna Works for Social and Political Empowerment of Youth

Leaders for Democracy Fellowship (LDF) alumna, Amira Marzouk is no stranger to active civic and political engagement.  Her journey started in 2012, where she was elected as member of  the Pan African Parliament and served as a member of the Human Rights Commission.  Having acquired a rich international background from her law studies, she worked within the investigation committee in Sudan and South Sudan. Amira was the only woman ... Read More»

MEPI Alumnus Mobilizes Civil Society Volunteers and Government Officials to Counter COVID-19

MEPI Leaders for Democracy (LDF) alumnus and Head of District of Sidi Mansour, Ahmed Missaoui, leveraged his leadership skills and network to unite different stakeholders in his district to perform a host of community service projects. Ahmed coordinated with local civil society organizations, municipality staff, and volunteering citizens to procure sterilization equipment and to conduct ... Read More»

MEPI Alumna Produces and Donates 150 3D Printed Face Masks

2018 MEPI Student Leaders alumna, Nadia Assidi, collaborated with a group of young engineers from Kasserine to produce 150 3D printed face masks. With the support from the governor’s office, local citizens, and the local university of Kasserine, Nadia was able to acquire all the necessary equipment and access to 3D printers. Nadia and her ... Read More»
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