Mashrou3i in Gabes – Mohamed Ibrahim, IDROLOG

Locating and exploring groundwater resources for irrigation and household use is a complex process, but 34 year old Mohamed from Gabes has turned this into a successful business. At 34 years old and despite the difficulties he has encountered, Mohamed Ibrahim successfully launched “IDROLOG”, a company specialized in coring and hydraulic prospecting that employs 4 ... Read More»

Mashrou3i in Gafsa – Ismael ZAYED:  Ben Zayed farm

At 27, Ismael Zayed has already established his reputation as a farmer in Gafsa, a region in central Tunisia where farming is a family tradition handed down from generation to generation. After graduating in Experimental Sciences in 2009 and Applied Geomatics in 2012, it would have been a natural next step for Ismael to move ... Read More»

Mashrou3i in Kebili – Feriel Touiti, Manager of the Business Center

Mashrou3i, a project implemented by UNIDO with support from USAID, the Italian Cooperation and the HP Foundation, works with partners in each of the project’s 14 target regions. In Kebili, in the South of Tunisia, Mashrou3i works together with the region’s Business Center to raise awareness of the project among aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. The ... Read More»

Mashrou3i in Tozeur – Amina Zaoui – “NINA BIO, Natural Cosmetics”

In 2017 at 29 years old, Amina Zaoui launched an artisanal soap and natural cosmetics business in Tozeur. After graduating in Medical Bio-technology in 2014, Amina chose to start her professional journey working in an agricultural project design office as a personal assistant. This experience enabled her to forge basics in entrepreneurship but remained far ... Read More»

Mashrou3i in Tozeur – Abdelhamid Baira Packaging unit, Digital and Offset printing

At only 27 years old, Abdelhamid Baira launched a packaging production unit and a digital and offset printing service in his hometown of Tozeur. In 2013, Abdelhamid gained a Businesses Administration and Management degree in Tozeur and then decided to move to Tunis to strengthen his skills. The same year, he started a Master’s degree ... Read More»

Mashrou3i in Tataouine – Achref of Hasna Petrolum Services

Achref is originally from Tataouine, but moved to Tunis to study Electromechanical Engineering. After graduating in 2009 he worked in the private sector in the capital city. In 2012, he returned to his hometown and began to work on a feasibility study for ‘Hasna Petrolum Services’ with a focus on the treatment of drilling mud ... Read More»

Mashrou3i in Gafsa – Zaineb of CarboTech Industry

One of the beneficiaries of this program, Zaineb Ben Belgacem from Gafsa. In early 2017, at only 24 years old, Zaineb launched her first company in Gafsa. “Carbotech” is an ambitious business specialized in coal design and manufacturing, which already provides employment to ten people, including qualified employees for the administration and workers trained in ... Read More»
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