Faten Khalfallah – TechWomen Exchange program – 2015

Faten is the founder of “First Skills Club”, a non-profit organization that provides soft skill development and informal STEM education for kids and teenagers, with a special focus on robotics.  Her TechWomen exchange experience gave her the opportunity to intern with leading Tech companies – such as Mozilla and Autodesk – with which she collaborated ... Read More»

Kyane Kassiri – NESA UGRAD and Coca-Cola MENA exchange programs – 2014

As alumnus of NESA UGRAD and Coca-Cola MENA exchange programs, Kayane teamed up with a group of other U.S. Department of State programs alumni to apply for the Alumni Engagement and Innovation Fund (AEIF).  Their project idea was selected and the team managed to launch Young Tunisian Coders Academy (YTCA). As a coding training program, ... Read More»

Manel Bargaoui, Professional Fellows Program (PFP) 2017

As an English Language teacher, Manel is the first Tunisian who teaches English through sign language to deaf Tunisians. Her experience as a Professional Fellows Program (PFP) alumna inspired her to create the first English teaching book that uses sign language – entitled “Let’s handspeak English”- as a follow-up project. “Being the first and only ... Read More»

Rahma Sghaier MENA Leaders For Change Program, 2013

MENA Leaders for Change (MLC) is an innovative regional leadership online State Department-sponsored program. The program combined online training with face-to-face workshops in order to create a cadre of skilled, connected, emerging young leaders (aged 18-35) from all across the MENA region. The intensive, fast-paced program included two online courses, ongoing online dialogues and periodic ... Read More»

Monia Jendoubi, Communication and International Cooperation Manager, El-Gazala Technopark

Monia Jendoubi, Communication and International Cooperation Manager, El-Gazala Technopark Goldman Sachs 10,000 MENA Women Entrepreneurs, March 2015 10,000 Women is a global initiative supported by The Goldman Sachs Foundation that provides female entrepreneurs around the world with practical business education, business advising, and networking.  The program cultivates the leadership potential of women in the region, promotes ... Read More»

Mourad Ben Hassine Ben Ali, PhD: The Fulbright Visiting Scholarship Program

MOURAD BEN HASSINE BEN ALI, PHD: THE FULBRIGHT VISITING SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM, AUGUST 12, 2015 TO JUNE 30, 2016, BIOLOGY The Fulbright visiting scholar program made me realize how beautiful it is to travel and meet other people from different cultures. My stay at the University of Arkansas was very productive as a research scientist; I ... Read More»

Nizar Ben Neji, Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program, University of Massachusetts – Amherst, 2015

Nizar Ben Neji, Teaching Professor, Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program, University of Massachusetts – Amherst, 2015. “I had a great opportunity to experience life in a typical American university town while attending the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (UMA). One of the finest tertiary institutions in America, UMA is now ranked among the ... Read More»

Zoubeir Tourki: Director of the National School of Engineers of Sousse and Professor in Mechanical Engineering

2014 Technology Transfer Innovation in Higher Education Technology The highlight of my exchange experience is what I learnt about the university role in stimulating the partnership between the university and the business world to help promote an environment for professors and researchers and to transform the innovative ideas into valuable products and assist the marketing ... Read More»

Zied Mehouachi, Co-founder of the Thomas Jefferson Alumni Association Sharing

Zied Mehouachi Thomas Jefferson Scholarship Program – 2013-2014 Program Assistant, IREX “For me, the Thomas Jefferson scholarship program is a chance for non-experienced students to discover themselves and their abilities, to develop [their] skills and to come back and help Tunisia progress.  That’s what happened to us exactly, we all came back to Tunisia with ... Read More»
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