TADAEEM Grants Promote Inclusive Local Government Decision-Making

Two local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) were awarded grants to promote the inclusion of marginalized groups in the decision-making process in four municipalities. The CSO Tounissiet will implement a 12-month project to support women’s political participation at local levels. Tounissiyet will mobilize communities in the municipalities of Gabes, Mareth, and Ghannouche to advocate for the improvement of service delivery for women and to participate in decisions that affect their lives.

“Tounissiet has always been an advocate for women’s inclusion in political processes at the national and local levels. Through the support of TADAEEM, we will be able to extend our activities to Gabes and enhance women’s participation in local affairs and understanding of local governance.”    Hend Bouziri, Vice President of Tounissiet


In the Municipality of Mareth, the CSO Association Culture Alternative will improve the quality and accessibility of services for people with disabilities while increasing their participation in local governance processes. The USAID-funded TADAEEM project integrates women and people with disabilities in governance processes so they can better contribute to local development and actively participate in community organizations and local governance structures. TADAEEM’s grants aim to catalyze civil society’s role in improving municipal service delivery and enable community partnerships with local authorities to advance tangible performance improvements.

TADAEEM will continue to support local CSOs through the Grants Program to enhance citizen participation in local governance processes and provide a platform to build support for increased decentralization.