U.S. Embassy Tunis is accepting applications from secondary educators (including teachers, administrators, teacher trainers, curriculum developers, textbook writers, and Ministry of Education officials) to participate in the 2023 summer SUSI program.

Study of the U.S. Institutes for Secondary Educators (SUSIs) is an intensive post-graduate level academic program that provides foreign secondary school educators and administrators the opportunity to deepen their understanding of U.S. society, culture, values, and institutions.  The program’s goal is to strengthen curricula and to enhance the quality of teaching about the United States in secondary schools and other academic institutions abroad.

Prospective secondary school educator applicants are encouraged to visit to obtain general information about the secondary education institutes.

Candidate description and qualifications:

Candidates should be:

  • Mid-career, typically between the ages of 30-45,
  • Highly motivated and experienced secondary school teachers and administrators.
  • Proficient in English language
  • Individuals who are seeking to introduce or enhance aspects of the U.S. studies into their curricula, to develop new courses in the subject of the Institute, or to offer specialized seminars/workshops for education professionals in U.S. studies or related fields.
  • Candidates who have no or limited prior experience in the United States, and who have a special interest and experience in the field of secondary or higher education as demonstrated through past scholarships, accomplishments, and professional duties.

All communications and questions regarding the SUSI (Institutes for Secondary Educators) should be addressed to:

Application forms link should be sent to no later than November 15, 2022.