Social Innovators for Tunisia Workshop Series

With rising global challenges for humans as well as the planet, the role of youth in developing new, creative, and innovative solutions has become even more important.

The American Center and EL Space Social Innovation Hub have the pleasure to announce a new program, Social Innovators for Tunisia.  This series of 20 practical workshops will empower selected participants with social innovation tools and help them co-create new initiatives for their communities.  Selected initiatives will be incubated at El Space for implementation across Tunisia.

Target participants:

Ideal participants are motivated, dedicated 20-35 year olds who want to build their own startups and contribute to Tunisia’s economic development.  Preference will be given to participants from underserved areas in Greater Tunis as well as interior regions of the country.


The 20 workshops will be on Friday afternoons starting in February and ending in July 2018.


These workshops will take place at the American Center located inside the U.S. Embassy in Tunis. There will also be one or two fieldtrips to El Space. Participants will be informed of the location in advance.


The 20 workshops will draw heavily from case studies from the United States. The topics will be:

  1. Introduction to SIfT 2018
  2. Human Centered Design
  3. Inspiration and Design Thinking
  4. Data and Social Innovation
  5. Prototyping
  6. Crowdsourcing
  7. Service and Experience Design
  8. Impact Marketing
  9. Social Business Modeling
  10. The Hybrid Organization
  11. Partnerships for Social Change
  12. Creativity and Innovation in the Legal System
  13. Social Impact Monitoring
  14. How to Pitch The Innovation
  15. Crowd Finance
  16. Impact Investing
  17. Financial Management
  18. HR Management with Activists
  19. Implementation of the Social Innovation
  20. Project Management for Local Initiatives

How to apply:

We invite Tunisians to apply for the Social Innovators for Tunisia series of workshops through this link. The deadline for application is February 4 at 17:00. Selected participants will be contacted via email.