PROSPER AFRICA: Promoting Trade and Investment Between the United States and Africa

Tunis, Tunisia  06 February, 2020

Prosper Africa, a U.S. government initiative to increase trade and investment between the United States and Africa, will launch in Tunisia with a conference sponsored by the Embassy of the United States of America and the American Chamber of Commerce of Tunisia. The event will take place at the Laico Conference Center in Tunis on February 6, 2020.  This conference will feature prominent speakers from the private sector, as well as presentations on U.S. government resources available to help U.S. and African businesses close deals.

Participants will have the opportunity to conduct business-to-business (B2B) meetings with companies from the United States and across Africa that are interested in new partnerships.  The Prosper Africa conference will bring the full range of U.S. government resources together in one place and give U.S. and African companies the chance to connect with new buyers, suppliers, and investors.  As such, the event will accomplish our goal of harnessing the power of private enterprise to drive African and American prosperity and create jobs in Tunisia.

As a burgeoning new democracy with ready access to the rest of Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, Tunisia is an ideal setting to highlight the enormous potential of the African private sector and all of what the Prosper Africa initiative has to offer.  The U.S. Ambassador to Tunisia, Donald Blome, notes that “the forum will benefit both American and African businesses and investors, matching projects with investment capital and new technologies.  I look forward to welcoming participants to Tunisia and to seeing them off again with deals in hand.”

Attend the Prosper Africa conference in Tunis to pinpoint new business and investment opportunities and learn what the U.S. Government can offer to facilitate trade and investment.

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