Recent U.S. Deliveries Increase Ministry of Defense’s Mobility

At a meeting on May 12, U.S. Ambassador Jake Walles informed Minister of Defense Farhat Horchani about the recent delivery to the Tunisian military of 52 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles, also known as HMMWVs, and a 65-foot patrol boat.

The Tunisian Navy will use the boat manufactured by SAFE Boats International to improve the security of the country’s territorial waters. This delivery is the first of a total of 4 boats to be delivered over the next year. These vessels will join a fleet of twenty two other U.S. manufactured boats ranging in size from 25 to 65 feet delivered since 2013.

Together these vessels enhance Tunisia’s maritime security by further enabling the Tunisian Navy to patrol maritime borders. Separately, the Ministry of Defense is receiving 52 HMMWVs. These vehicles will be distributed throughout the Tunisian Armed Forces to improve force mobility. Tunisia has a long standing relationship with AM General, the HMMWV’s manufacturer, and operates hundreds of these vehicles in various configurations to support ground operations.

The United States is pleased to support these efforts and help Tunisia on its pathway to a secure future. We are grateful for the strength of our deepening strategic partnership with Tunisia.