Readout by NSC Spokesperson Emily Horne of National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s Call with President Kais Saied of Tunisia

July 31, 2021

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan spoke today with President Kais Saied of Tunisia. In an hour-long discussion, he conveyed President Biden’s strong support for the people of Tunisia and for Tunisian democracy based on fundamental rights, strong institutions, and a commitment to the rule of law. In this spirit, the call focused on the critical need for Tunisian leaders to outline a swift return to Tunisia’s democratic path. National Security Advisor Sullivan underscored that this will require rapidly forming a new government, led by a capable prime minister to stabilize Tunisia’s economy and confront the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as ensuring the timely return of the elected parliament. As Tunisia’s leaders answer the widely expressed demands of Tunisians for improved standards of living and honest governance, the United States and other friends of the Tunisian people stand ready to redouble our efforts to help Tunisia move toward a secure, prosperous, and democratic future.