Promoting Peace Through Citizen Journalism

In partnership with the Tunisian chapter of the YaLa Academy, an innovative online institution for the formation of future regional peace leaders, the IRC organized a program focused on innovative ways to use citizen journalism to promote peace and dialogue across the MENA region.  Rahma Sghaier, YaLa Tunisian chapter coordinator, explained how citizen journalism empowers youth to use technology to advocate for conflict resolution, reconciliation and peace building. The audience watched a YaLa mini documentary entitled “Tel Aviv—Ramallah—Kigali: A Peace-Building Journey,” which highlights the life-changing voyage of a young Israeli and a young Palestinian in Rwanda as they explore forgiveness, reconciliation, and youth empowerment.  A discussion of the film was moderated by Alex Marcus, Head of Content and Religious Affairs of the Muslim Jewish Conference, and allowed for a great debate about how citizen journalism can play a key role in constructive interfaith dialogue .