PR# PR9535275 – Procuring and Installing a laundry unit

Request For Quote
PR# PR9535275 – Procuring and Installing a laundry unit
Offers due date: June 28th, 2021 – 15:00

The U.S Embassy in Tunis is seeking the purchase of Laundry Unit + Installation according to the list of materials.

The vendor awarded the project will be responsible for the supply, delivery, and installation of all laundry units and its component parts.  Installation shall include, but not be limited to, connecting all components of the laundry units to cold water, hot water, drainage pipes, gas, and electricity.  The vendor must ensure the equipment is the correct size to fit the laundry unit location and its connecting fixtures.  The vendor will be responsible for testing all equipment to ensure that the laundry unit is fully operable.

Please contact the GSO/Procurement Office, by e-mail: by referencing the PR9535275, to receive the scope of work and the list of the equipment.

The interested participant in this solicitation would submit their technical and financial proposals (offer price excluding VAT) in a sealed envelope to the following address, no later than June 28th, 2021 – before 15:00 Local time:

US Embassy Tunis
Project Ref#: PR9535275- procuring and installing a laundry unit, GSO/Procurement
Les Berges du Lac – 1053 Tunis 

  • The content of the Proposals as follows:
  • One envelope to include a technical offer which will consist of the following:
  • A poof that you have an established business and include the name of the Project Manager.
  • A list of similar projects and their values in the past 3 years.
  • A detailed timeline of the project.
  • Return the attached SOW and sign/stamp every single page to prove you fully understand the work that is required to complete the project.
  • One envelope to include a financial offer.  Please fill out the attached price list sheet, sign and stamp it.

No proposal will be considered after the due date.

The below FAR clause 52.204-24 (click on the below link):

If you have any questions about this solicitation/SOW, please reply back by return e-mail and we will answer your questions.

Please be aware that if you will be determined to be awarded this contract, you would need to be registered in the “SAM” as per below.  In order to gain time, in the award process, please start get yourself in the registration process.

SAM Registration:

The US Department of State has implemented a new contracting requirement which consists of having the foreign contractors register into a system called SAM.  Please go thru the PDF tutorial  and use below link to subscribe:

Below are links to you tube videos on how to register for a DUNS Number to share with your prospective interested vendors who are not enrolled.

The video below seemed to be the best, but you may want to check you tube for other videos.

DUNS Number Info

Dun and Bradstreet Global Customer Service Centers at:

DUNS Number Guide at:

How to Get a DUNS / D&B Number for Free at:

Please direct your questions regarding this RFQ to GSO/Procurement Office, by e-mail:  by referencing the PR9535275 in title.