Microsoft Tounes Ta3mal Trainings

If you have ever considered using a Career Development Center (CDC), located in one of nine universities throughout the country, you might be happy to know that its highly trained staff just received a specialized course on using the Microsoft Tounes Ta3mal Website. That means when students visit the center, counselors can work with them to use the site’s psychometric assessment and skill-building tools. The course, a four-day Tamheed certification training for 13 Ministry of Higher Education CDC career counselors, included practice counseling sessions involving volunteer students recruited from institutions in Tunis. To be fully certified, each counselor is required to conduct 20 counseling sessions. The course was sponsored by USAID’s Business Reform and Competitiveness project, in partnership with Microsoft and Silatech, a regional NGO dedicated to promoting employment of Arab youth. More trainings are planned for the future.