Message to U.S. Citizens: Updates to Gradual Lifting of Government of Tunisia COVID -19 Confinement Measures

On May 13, the Government of Tunisia announced additional changes to the three-phased strategy to gradually lift the COVID-19 confinement measures.  The stay-home order still applies to immunocompromised individuals, those with chronic diseases, and pregnant women, but beginning May 18, children under 15 and adults over 65 years of age may participate in the phased deconfinement.

The Government of Tunisia has reduced the nightly curfew hours. From 11:00 p.m. to 05:00 a.m., only essential, emergency movements are permitted.  Intercity and inter-governorate travel is still restricted.

Please note that the Government of Tunisia’s phased reopening is subject to revision if the Ministry of Health (MOH) observes a significant increase of COVID-19 cases.

Phase 1 (May 4 to May 24)

  • Public institutions, industries, services, and construction companies may resume their activities with 50% of their personnel. (Public institutions include central and regional offices, municipalities, tax offices, and judicial offices.)
  • Hair and beauty salons, clothing stores, and large stores, provided they follow MOH guidelines to reduce the risk of transmission.
  • [on May 15] Shopping malls and weekly souks may reopen.

Phase 2 (May 24 to June 4)

  • Businesses that reopened at 50% staffing during the first phase will now be authorized to operate with 75% of their personnel.
  • Some cultural activities, souks, mosques, restaurants, and cafés will reopen.
  • Baccalaureate and university students return to schools/universities on May 28 and June 1 respectively.

Phase 3 (beginning June 4)

  • Activities operating at 75% staffing during the second phase may now operate with 100% of their personnel.
  • Kindergartens, daycares, weekly markets, animal markets, and shopping malls may reopen.

 Individuals who are exhibiting symptoms and/or have been exposed to an individual who tested positive for COVID-19 should immediately contact the Tunisian Ministry of Health SAMU emergency telephone number by dialing 190.Other COVID questions can be answered by the toll-free MOH hotline 80 10 19 19 (available 24/7).

 In addition, all regularly scheduled commercial flights to and from Tunisia remain suspended. U.S. citizens still wishing to depart Tunisia should monitor local news and be in contact with the airline companies regarding the resumption of commercial flights.

The U.S. Embassy Tunis consular section is providing emergency services to U.S. citizens only. If you require an emergency service, please send an email to For further updates, please check our website or Facebook page regularly.

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