Message for U.S. Citizens: Guidance on the June 27 Re-Opening of Tunisian Air, Land, and Sea Borders

The Government of Tunisia (GOT) has lifted most of the COVID-19 confinement measures.  Please note that the GOT’s re-opening is subject to revision if the Ministry of Health (MOH) observes a significant increase of COVID-19 cases.

Guidance for the Re-Opening of Tunisian Air, Land, and Sea Borders

The Tunisian government has announced preliminary guidance for the reopening of all land, air, and maritime borders on Saturday, June 27.  The Embassy will provide updated guidance with subsequent STEP messages as the GOT clarifies its procedures.

The GOT has divided countries into three zones (red, orange, and green) based on the number of cases and epidemiological situation in each country.  They plan to revise the list as the pandemic evolves.  For the most updated list, please visit the Observatoire National des Maladies Nouvelles et Emergentes (note – countries not specifically designated “green” or “orange” are considered “red”):

  • “Red List” Countries (including the United States):  for citizens and official residents of “red” countries, only Tunisians may enter Tunisia.
  • “Orange List” Countries:  for citizens and official residents of “orange” countries, Tunisians and tourists may enter Tunisia providing they present a negative COVID-19 lab test, with results received within 72 hours before travel to Tunisia and the analysis conducted no more than 120 hours prior to arrival.
  • “Green List” Countries:  for citizens and official residents of “green” countries, everyone may enter Tunisia without a test.

In addition to the testing requirement, all individuals, regardless of nationality, are required to quarantine upon arrival, with Tunisians in mandatory self-quarantine at their homes and tourists in a seven-day quarantine at a hotel at their own expense.  Tourists remaining past seven days may pay for a COVID-19 test the sixth day and, if negative, may leave the hotel.

At this time, the United States is considered a “red” country by the Government of Tunisia and U.S. citizens will not be permitted to enter Tunisia, unless they also hold Tunisian citizenship or a valid Tunisian residency permit.  Please note that while the borders are reopening, full, regularly scheduled commercial flights have not been restored.  U.S. citizens should contact specific airline companies regarding the resumption of commercial flights; the Embassy cannot assist with individual flight reservations.

Services at the U.S. Embassy

 The GOT and the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Preventions continue to strongly recommend mask-wearing and respecting social distancing in public to help control the spread of coronavirus.  Mask-wearing is a mandatory requirement for all individuals over the age of six who access the U.S. Embassy compound for an appointment.  You will not be permitted to enter U.S. Embassy grounds without a mask.

The U.S. Embassy Tunis consular section is expanding emergency services to include applications for passport renewals and limited, essential notarial services.  We are currently able to process most passport applications within the normal 2-3 week timeframe.  If you would like to schedule an appointment for one of these emergency services, please send an email to  For further updates, please check our website or Facebook page regularly.

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