MEPI Helps Tunisian Citizens and Businesses Combat COVID-19

The MEPI funded FinTech Catalyst project helps Tunisian startups address the fintech needs of local corporations through targeted training, mentoring and coaching. Thanks to the project, the participants adapted their solutions to help Tunisians and corporate partners mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic through technological innovation.

DqlickDqlick developed an online health benefits platform that automates insurance reimbursements for policyholders and insurance companies. By digitizing the insurance reimbursement process, this technology mitigates the impact of the COVID-19 crisis by limiting travel and administrative tasks.

Attila Telco: Attila Telco developed a digital solution, that improves Tunisie Telecom’s ability to predict customer behavior. This digital solution limits bureaucratic burdens and allows for customer compliance with health protocols.

DeeperaDeepera designed a conversational service agent for local banks, which combines artificial intelligence with human speech, allowing customers more online banking options.

SolixySolixy developed an innovative chatbox for the e-commerce sector, allowing Assurances Maghrebiya to increase its customer base during the pandemic.