MEPI Alumnus Mobilizes Civil Society Volunteers and Government Officials to Counter COVID-19

MEPI Leaders for Democracy (LDF) alumnus and Head of District of Sidi Mansour, Ahmed Missaoui, leveraged his leadership skills and network to unite different stakeholders in his district to perform a host of community service projects. Ahmed coordinated with local civil society organizations, municipality staff, and volunteering citizens to procure sterilization equipment and to conduct large scale operations to disinfect public spaces in the district of Sidi Mansour. He also collaborated with the delegation of the area, CSO partners, citizens, and local businesses to launch a fundraising center and to collect donations for financially disadvantaged families during the confinement period. Donations are being distributed by the local committee of COVID-19 response. Additionally, Ahmed and local volunteers helped the Ministry of Social Affairs distribute assistance coupons and documents to decrease large public gatherings.