MEPI Alum of the Month – Dhia Zitouni

MEPI Alum of the Month

Dhia Zitouni


We love pets, and so does Dhia.

Dhia Zitouni is a 2017 MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders student. This four-year MEPI scholarship allowed Dhia to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration at the American University of Beirut (AUB) where he graduated with distinction and, then, moved to his first job as a business development manager at a startup called ChefXChange. At ChefXChange, Dhia quickly became the head of a small strategic business unit called Mama’s Tabkha. He is an entrepreneur at heart and a true inspiration to Tunisian youth.

He managed through a network he built a small, yet, innovative digital advertising agency called G-dice Hub in Tunisia. The challenge was to create an agency that survives the transition between managers and the subsequent client loss, the restructuring of resources, and the creation of a growth strategy that is both attainable and scalable.

His most recent venture is Petsigo, the first reimbursement-based digital insurance for pets in Tunisia. YES, you heard it right, for pets. It is accessible via a user-friendly mobile application that offers services including locating nearby vets, submitting a claim to receive reimbursement, blog articles, and posts related to pets.

You can find out more about Dhia’s company and download the app via this website: