MEPI Alum of the Month: LDF Alumna Fiercely Advocates for Women Empowerment 

Our Second Alumna to be featured on the MEPI Alum of the Month is Amira Marzouk, a Leaders for Democracy Fellow (LDF) and an International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) alumna.  Amira is a former member of Tunisian parliament, and the Pan African Parliament, where she was the only Tunisian woman representative from 2012 to 2014. Amira was also a member of an observation election mission in different African countries, and she served as the Ambassador of the World Forum of Women Parliamentarians.  She is a proven leader and an advocate to pass legislation that empowers women and promotes equality.

Amira is currently leading the “Center Democracy for All” to implement the MEPI funded “Support and Accelerate Women Inclusion (SAWI) project in partnership with the Center for Inclusive Business and Leadership for Women at the American University of Beirut.  Through the SAWI project, Amira and her team (including two other MEPI alumni) established 10 partnerships with Tunisian institutions from the banking, higher education, healthcare, and STEM sectors.

Amira, and her team work with corporate human resources departments to promote concrete action plans for responsible inclusion of women in the workplace. They are creating a network of Tunisian employers who advocate for inclusive policies to improve women’s economic participation. As the SAWI project continues to progress, Amira is confident that the collaboration with the partnering institutions represents a positive step towards empowering and supporting an inclusive Tunisian economy.