Memoir Writing Workshops

The IRC organized a memoir writing workshop series with American author Laura Monagan. Participants met once a week for four weeks to learn new literary techniques, discuss examples from great literature, and improve their English skills.

Week 1 : Generating Viable Ideas

  • Selecting a viable memory
  • Developing the arc of the story
  • Establishing the setting: time and place
  • Writing a first draft

Week 2: Deepening Description

  • Improving character description
  • Using dialogue to further the plot
  • Engaging the senses and “good tension”
  • Writing the second draft

Week 3: Enriching Language

  • Using metaphor and simile
  • Using American English idioms
  • Developing rich vocabulary
  • Writing the third draft

Week 4: Polishing the Piece

  • Proofreading the piece
  • Reading aloud to find lumps, bumps, and one’s “voice”
  • Time for grammar, spelling, mechanics
  • Final memoir entry

This series was an opportunity for each participant to improve his/her English skills and produce at least one memoir entry that can serve as a model for future writing.

Stay tuned to learn about our upcoming song writing workshops!