“Meet a Diplomat” Program More Than Meets Expectations

“Based on life experience…” “Genuine and thought-provoking…” were just some of the positive phrases uttered by students attending yesterday’s presentation by Consular Chief Jeffrey Osweiler comparing life and politics in the U.S. and Canada.

Looking at both countries through the lens of an American who studied and lived in Canada, Osweiler provided unique insight, comparing the social, cultural, economic and political systems of the two countries.  A question and answer session allowed students to gain better understanding of the constitutional monarchy model specific to Canada, and the United States’ democratic/republican model and Presidential system.  Discussion touched on the difference between the two countries’ educational systems, immigration policies, and multicultural models as well as their trade relations and investment opportunities for Tunisian entrepreneurs. 

The “Meet a Diplomat” program is a new initiative launched by the Embassy to allow networking opportunities for Tunisians with American Officers.  If you are interested in attending similar programs in the future, please send an e-mail to IRCTunis@state.gov