Meet a Champion: A Chat with Olympian Oussema Mellouli

After an early-morning workout on the West coast of the U.S., Tunisian swimming champion Ous Mellouli chatted via video with a large group of students at the American Corner in Tunis.  Guests watched a video outlining Ous’ path to success—the hard work, the dedication, the challenges, and the victories. Ous talked about what it takes to succeed at an Olympic level, whether that is balancing athletics with studies, scheduling workouts and work, or taking care of oneself physically and mentally. Ous noted that to succeed, it is not enough just to swim, but one needs endurance, sacrifice and support.  Ous is planning for the future as he finishes his MBA online at the University of Essex, and continuing to dream big as he gears up for the Summer Olympics in Rio.