MC RAI Tours in Gabes and Tozeur


On October 18-19, Tunisian-American musical artist MC Rai brought his unique fusion of classic Algerian rai and western music to Gabes and Tozeur. Taking the stage in Gabes Tuesday night, along with his band and several local musicians, MC Rai played for more than 500 attendees in the Place des Arts. His second concert, held Wednesday night in Tozeur, took place in a giant berber tent filled with an energetic crowd of more than 600. Local singer Nejib Ouled Hadj opened for MC Rai before the headline performance mesmerized the audience. Thank you to the people of Gabes and Tozeur for their warm welcome, their enthusiasm, and their hospitality.

MC Rai Biography

Singer/songwriter MC Rai was born in Gabes.  As a child, he was immersed in the folk music of his elders.  At the age of eight, he gave his first live performance on Tunisian radio and as a teenager he sang Algerian rai.  MC Rai moved to San Francisco in the year 2000.  His unique style, which blends the traits of Tunisian folk music with Algerian rai, has gained considerable attention.  He has sung with a number of prominent artists from the U.S. as well as from other countries.  In addition, his music has been featured in several Hollywood movies.