Mareth Municipal Council Integrates Disability Inclusion in Service Delivery

The municipal council of Mareth is the first newly elected council to receive training on the inclusion of people with disabilities in local affairs, and the mainstreaming of disability access in municipal projects. With the support of TADAEEM’s grants program, the “Association Culture Alternative,” in partnership with Mareth Municipality, works on facilitating the involvement of people with disabilities by improving their access to municipal services and advocating for their inclusion in the municipality’s development strategy.

Eleven municipal council members participated in the three-day-training to raise their awareness and understanding of disability inclusion in local governance, and best practices to improve access for people with disabilities in the city of Mareth. The training showcased appropriate and efficient means to mainstream disability access in municipal services and infrastructure projects, and to ensure they are responsive to the needs of people with disabilities. The “Association Culture Alternative” acquainted the Mareth municipal council members with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, as well as Tunisian legislation guaranteeing the mainstreaming of disability access in all public policies. Additionally, the training included guidance maps and pictographs with a braille translation to show citizens with disabilities how to navigate the different departments within the city hall.

To be inclusive is a core value of democratic governance. TADAEEM is a strong advocate for the inclusion of marginalized groups in all governance processes to democratically influence decisions that affect them. The grant aims to enable local government officials, activists and people with disabilities to work together to inform policies for the inclusion of people with disabilities in local affairs. The Association Culture Alternative id providing civic engagement training for people with disabilities, as well as making local schools and hospitals in Mareth handicapped accessible.