Join the international music exchange that celebrates musical collaboration and social engagement


Join the international music exchange that celebrates musical collaboration and social engagement

Apply before September 15, 2023

Tunis, August 29, 2023 – OneBeat is accepting applications for two month-long U.S.-based music exchanges scheduled for the Spring and Fall of 2024, which will convene 50 musicians from up to 54 eligible countries and territories.  OneBeat Fellows will spend approximately one month in an intensive residency which offers a chance for artists to write, produce, and perform original music, and develop strategies for arts-based social engagement.  OneBeat Fellows then go on tour across a region of the U.S., performing for a wide array of American audiences, collaborating with local musicians, and leading workshops with youth and community organizations. During the month, each OneBeat musician also sets out their plans for the future, further developing projects in their home countries that embody the OneBeat mission of collaboration and engagement.  For more information visit  Musicians and sonic artists, ages 19-35, from eligible countries and territories are invited to apply.  All costs will be covered for accepted OneBeat Fellows, including travel and accommodation, along with a modest stipend.  We are seeking applicants who excel in the following areas:
Musical Excellence & Innovation – A high level of performance, composition, improvisational, production and/or technological skills.
Social Engagement – Musicians who have used music to serve their communities or greater societies, including guiding young people in music education, addressing social-political issues, reviving dying traditions, etc.
Collaboration – Applicants’ willingness to reach across cultural and musical divides in creating original music or re-interpreting traditional music, while respecting the essence of each tradition.

Application Deadlines:  August 14 – September 15, 2023.  Applicants will be notified by December 31, 2023