Fraud Alert

The U.S. Department of State’s Office of the Inspector General continues to receive credible information that bad actors are targeting vendors overseas in an effort to defraud foreign businesses. The current scheme, affecting posts in the Bureaus of Near Eastern and African Affairs, involves unknown individuals purporting to be contracting officials from Department posts who claim to be seeking solar panels or solar generators.
The U.S. Embassy Tunis has not requested any quotations for solar panels or solar generators. The Embassy never asks local businesses for money to be deposited or requires that they purchase supplies or parts from any specific supplier. Emails received from the Embassy will always have a valid “” address and never a “.com” address. If any vendor has a question about any request for quotation, please email Tunis Procurement, Tunis GSO Procurement (, or call +216-71-107-296 and request to speak with a procurement agent.