Supporting Tunisia’s Democracy

The Assistance Unit (AU) supports Tunisia’s democratic development and champions human rights.  The AU works with multiple stakeholders to help the Tunisian government adopt reforms and practices that promote good governance, increase inclusive participation, and institutionalize democratic principles.  The AU supports these efforts through a series of assistance programs that target diverse themes and take into consideration gender equality, youth empowerment, and the inclusion of minorities.


Reliable and transparent governance and accountability are central to democratic development in Tunisia.  As Tunisia strengthens its democratic practices, it is important that the appropriate checks and balances are in place to ensure conformity with the Tunisian constitution.  The AU aims to help strengthen Tunisian institutions and promote transparency and accountability.  In partnership with government institutions and civil society organizations, AU projects support effective communication among citizens and decision makers, the establishment of independent constitutional bodies, and the development of political parties.

A vibrant civil society and a free, independent, and responsible media are critical to the success of a participatory democratic system.  AU programming supports the Tunisian people, civil society, and the media to understand, advocate for, and exercise their rights.  This work includes facilitating coordination between government and civil society actors to implement existing laws that protect constitutional rights.

 Since the revolution, AU programming has a long record of reinforcing human rights’ advocacy efforts in Tunisia.  This pillar will remain a major AU priority strategy.  The need to protect vulnerable communities such as women and people with disabilities became even more evident during the COVID-19 crisis.