Business Reform and Competitiveness Project (BRCP)

BRCP is a three-year, $20.6 million  program helping to expand employment in Tunisia by identifying and addressing constraints faced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in increasing productivity, expanding sales, and generating new jobs. BRCP also helps to link SMEs with national education systems and address priority occupational skill enhancement needs.

Enterprise Assistance

  • Helping SMEs partner with Tunisian consulting firms to identify constraints and then transfer new methodologies in key areas such as lean manufacturing, quality management, market linkage enhancement, cost management, and implementation of global standards.
  • Improving SME access to equity and debt (including microfinance) capital through partnerships with progressive banks, investment funds, microfinance organizations; and
  • Helping SMEs open new export markets working in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade and the Center for Export Promotion (CEPEX) and other key stakeholders, for example, in garments, food processing, and tourism.

Enhancing Employability

  • Establishing or reforming curricula in a national network of higher education institutions in key occupational niche areas required by private employers.
  • Providing pre-employment training through a pool of local training providers to fill employer-identified skill gaps for job candidates.
  • Sponsoring job fairs across the country with private and public sector partners and working in partnership with Microsoft to introduce innovative electronic job matching measures.
  • Establishing a career development center system to increase job placement rates and improve the market-relevance of training and educational curricula.


  • Approximately 16,500 jobs created.
  • Over $33 million in equity and credit investment leveraged for Tunisian enterprises.
  • Twelve higher education curricula revised or reformed to meet identified labor market skill needs.
  • 32 career development centers established and supported.
  • Ten job fairs held in three major cities (Tunis, Sousse, Sfax).
  • Digital Communications Code drafted by Ministry of Information and Communications Technology and soon to be submitted to Parliament.

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