The Tunisia Accountability, Decentralization, and Effective Municipalities (TADAEEM or “Consolidation”) Project supports the principle that an effective government that fosters collaboration between institutions and citizens will contribute to a more democratic and inclusive society. TADAEEM works with Government of Tunisia officials and other partners – especially at the local and regional levels – to help in developing more effective ways to provide public services, ensuring that essential amenities are provided in an inclusive, efficient and accountable manner.

  • Improved citizen participation in and oversight of key government functions.
  • Improved municipal service delivery performance.
  • Improved regional and national coordination and service delivery.
  • Increase the number of citizens and civil society organizations involved in public sector planning and decision-making processes related to service delivery.
  • Build institutional capacity of newly-elected municipal governments to better fulfill their expanding mandates and deliver services to their citizens.
  • Improve municipal service delivery performance in areas such as paving, solid waste collection and maintaining green spaces.
  • Strengthen linkages between local, regional and national level government entities to better coordinate regional and national level service delivery.
  • Enable Tunisia’s long-term decentralization process.

Through these activities, TADAEEM will strengthen local governments to effectively address citizen needs while empowering Tunisian citizens and community groups to engage more effectively with their representatives.  By strengthening both sides of this basic social contract, TADAEEM will promote more accountable and inclusive governance and enable the Government of Tunisia’s long-term decentralization process.