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Reporting Tour

Businessnews deputy editor-in-chief Synda Tajine, who participated on a Foreign Press Center reporting tour on the U.S. election (November 1 – 8, 2016)

Chokri Ben Nessir, Journalist, La Presse newspaper: “Youth and Countering Violent Extremism” (April 17 – 28, 2016)

Hana Soltnai, Journalist Radio Mosaiquefm: Nuts & Bolts of a U.S. Election Reporting Tour (April 24-May 5, 2016)

Hillary Clinton in the lead according to the latest polls: 

  • Gouiaa unveils 5 economic-military meetings between Tunisia and the USA mosaiquefm
  • A day at the residence of the Ambassador of Tunisia in Washington  mosaqieufm
  • Indiana Police will play an important role in the US elections mosaiquefm
  • According to the latest opinion poll conducted by Pew Research Center in the US, the presidential candidate Hilary Clinton elections happen in front of the race. The Democratic candidate has the confidence of 26% of men and 39% women. mosaiquefm
  • Tunisian Ambassador in Washington revealed that on 27 April ,the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace will publish and display an in-depth study on the Tunisian economic reforms that have been completed during the eight-month between September 2015 and April 2016. mosaiquefm
  • Ambassador Gouiaa talks about the upcoming economic and military partnership meetings between Tunisia and the USA mosaiquefm
  •  Ambassador Gouiaa: We follow the US elections without giving our opinions  mosaiquefm
  • Before Trump’s arrival: Ted Cruz campaign is starting in Indianapolis on the bus.   U.S. media reported that the candidate for the Republican nomination for US Senator Ted Cruz Riasaat, called his rival Donald Trump to participate in Mnazertin television stations before the date of the primaries of the party state (Indiana) scheduled for next May 3. mosaiquefm
  • Donald Trump: U.S. foreign policy has helped in the rise of ISIL. The Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump said in a speech that if he wins the presidency, the next foreign policy will be the interests of the “America First” and the U.S. security above all. “
  • American institution poses an economical solution to save Tunisia.  mosaiquefm

Wassim Ben Larbi, Journalist, Express FM covered the Joint Economic Commission (JEC) meeting in Washington (May 3-6, 2016)

Rama Gasmi, Journalist and Translator at Tunis Afrique Press news agency – TAP:  Youth and Politics (September 20-29, 2016).

Taoufik Habaieb – Editor in Chief- “Leaders” Monthly Magazin: NATO’s Strategy in the South and Defense Capacity Building (September 26- 29-, 2016)