Political Section


The Political Section implements key Mission objectives, including advancing democracy and respect for human rights; promoting counter-terrorism cooperation; and expanding economic prosperity though increased bilateral trade and investment. Through its outreach to the Tunisian people and government, the Section also seeks to build stronger ties between our two countries.


The Political Section follows, analyzes, and reports Tunisian political developments, and provides support and advice to the United States Ambassador to Tunisia on all political matters between the United States and Tunisia, including bilateral assistance.  The Section comprises both American and Tunisian staff who specialize in political, security, and labor affairs. The Section’s officers represent the official views of the U.S. Government to the Government of Tunisia and the people of Tunisia.  Officers also author reports for the U.S. Government about pertinent developments on the ground in Tunisia.   Many of these reports are required by Congress and are available for viewing on the Embassy’s website.

Local Partners

The Political Section works with a variety of local partners, including representatives of the Government of Tunisia, political parties, non-governmental organizations active in the political, economic, social, and business fields, academics, and key influencers.

Foreign Assistance Unit

The United States remains a committed partner to Tunisia by working with its government, private sector, and civil society as they lay the foundations for the country’s future. (Read more)