International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) Section

INL Tunis Mission

The U.S. Government has provided over US$100 million in programing assistance — through the Embassy’s International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Office (INL) — focusing on supporting Government of Tunisia (GOT) initiatives for long-term institutional change to build transparency, capacity, and sustainability in promoting citizen security and the rule of law.  Working principally with the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and Ministry of Interior (MOI), the Embassy programs focus on Law Enforcement, Justice, and Corrections reforms as follows.

JUSTICE REFORM PROGRAMS:  INL’s justice reform program in Tunisia seeks to build the capacity of the MOJ to improve access to justice through an independent, accountable, transparent, and fair justice system.  INL collaborates with the MOJ to implement alternatives to incarceration through the expansion of probation offices through the country.  INL supports the MOJ in its efforts to expedite the processing of cases through the implementation of the Court Administration program, which includes harnessing technology to establish Remote Courts to help move more cases efficiently through the judicial system and developing a centralized, modern, and secure information system.

CORRECTIONS REFORM PROGRAMS:  INL works in close cooperation with the MOJ and its Committee General for Prisons and Rehabilitations (CGPR) on programs that support the CGPR’s goal to raise conditions of confinement and prison management to meet international best practices.  INL has been working with the CGPR to support its efforts to reduce prison overcrowding and effectively manage inmate populations through the nationwide prisoner classification project; increase staff capacities through training; and support vocational programs to teach job skills for inmates.

LAW ENFORCEMENT REFORM PROGRAMS:  INL supports the MOI’s efforts to modernize Tunisian policing through the promotion of international practices pertaining to professionalism, accountability, and transparency.  Collaborative efforts include the modernization of the MOI’s flagship National Police Academy at Enfidha and the enhancement of National Police and National Guard training capacities in programs including crowd control, cybercrimes, forensics, and multiple threat training.