Economic Section

I.  Mission

The Economic Section implements the key Mission objectives of expanding economic opportunity though increased bilateral trade and investment, encouraging entrepreneurial innovation, advocating for U.S. business in Tunisia, and improving cooperation on environmental, science, technology and health (ESTH). It works to build bridges between the Tunisian and American business and ESTH communities to create stronger ties between our two countries and increase economic growth.

II.  Activities

The Economic section provides support and advice to the United States Ambassador to Tunisia on all economic matters between the United States and Tunisia. Headed by Economic Chief April Cohen, the Section includes staff who specialize in economic, commercial, and ESTH. The Section’s officers represent the official views of the U.S. government to the Government of Tunisia and the people of Tunisia. Officers also author reports for the U.S. Government about pertinent economic developments in Tunisia, such as on intellectual property, trade, and investment.

III.  Local Partners

The Economic Section collaborates with a variety of local partners, including representatives of the Government of Tunisia, non-governmental organizations, academics, and individuals active in the economic, business and ESTH fields. Our principal partner on commercial issues is the Tunisian-American Chamber of Commerce.